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Painting Birds Workshop "As always, thoroughly enjoyable day of painting.Denise caters for all abilities and her demonstrations are excellent, plus very helpful comments" Cherry. April 2023


Painting Birds Workshop "Very enjoyable, inspiring day" Judy. April 2023

Painting Birds Workshop "A very relaxed day thank you. Challenging, but enjoyable and supportive. Did not feel it was impossible, which is really encouraging" Gill. April 2023

Painting Birds Workshop. "Super day- as ever- Denise. Thank you so much" Frances

Seascapes and landscapes "Excellent course, well organised and friendly. Good tuition - very systematic and unhurried" Stephen April 2023

Seascapes and landscapes  "Thank you for another excellent workshop on Saturday  on painting a seascape. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I was glad to be reminded of the techniques for creating texture, and the tips for mixing colours were really helpful. I really liked the staging of the demonstrations interspersed with us putting the techniques into practice. It made it much easier to remember your advice. A very good day !" Ann. April 2023

Painting Flowers "Thank you so much for a wonderful workshop full of ideas, information and inspiration. It's always a good reminder of all the watercolour technique, to watch you demonstrate and encourage us to keep practising our skills as well as trying new ones. A bonus bunch of beautiful flowers to take home!" Janet March 2023

Painting Flowers "A lovely day - just the right mix of demonstrations and personal one to one help and tuition. Thoroughly enjoyed myself- Thank you." Sarah March 2023

Painting Flowers "Very relaxing, I liked the pace as there was plenty of time to experiment. Denise was very supportive and helpful" Michelle. March 2023

Painting Flowers " Thank you for so much for your encouragement and techniques. I love your teaching" KathyMarch 2023. 

Painting Flowers "Great day. Your demonstration of how to loosely paint a bunch or flowers in  vase was really helpful. I loved the whole day, but it is always too short. Many thanks." Muriel. March 2023

Painting Flowers "Thanks you for the options and personal input! Thoroughly enjoyed it" Cathy-Joan. March 2023

Improving Beginners workshop  "The workshop built so well upon the Complete Beginners day. A great mixture of demos plus painting projects that covered an exciting set of new techniques. I was delighted with the work I achieved and went home energised and enthusiastic! thank you so much Denise!" Una March 2023

Improving Beginners workshop "Thank you, Denise. Once again I found the day inspiring and illuminating, I very much look forward to an improving, improving beginners' day!"

Colour Theory workshop "Excellent!, Engrossing, highly informative and enjoyable" Bob March 2023

Colour Theory workshop "Amazing as always: I learnt so much and discovered my hidden abstract Watercolourists through granulation! Thank you so much Denise" Christina

Colour Theory workshop "V.good! Granulation technique and people very helpful for me" David

Complete Beginners Workshop "A hugely informative and above all encouraging days course! A great learning experience" Jenny.February 2023


Complete Beginners Workshop "Lovely day, great explanations. Surprised how much I achieved" Jac.February 2023

Complete Beginners Workshop "Pitched just right for beginners - more intense re concentration than I was expecting but I felt I learnt a lot!" Nat.February 2023

Complete Beginners Workshop January 2023. " Excellent intro to fundamental techniques in watercolour and insider tips and knowledge to apply and practice at home. This covered all the aspects I'd hoped for including materials as well. Well structured with personal attention. Thank you" Marianna

Complete Beginners Workshop January 2023. "Thank you, appreciated the content and pace. Will continue to work at applying what I have learned today and look forward to the next workshop, flowers!" Cathy-Joan


Complete Beginners Workshop January 2023 "Great to learn lots of techniques - enjoyed the day - liked 2 painting per day" Alison

Complete Beginners Workshop January 2023 "Very enjoyable and certainly instructive. Enjoyed 2 sessions and the demo first and then time to try painting". John

Complete Beginners Workshop October 2022. "Thank you so much Denise! It's been a brilliant learning experience. Your explanations have been crystal clear and your guidance extremely helpful and encouraging." Maggie

Complete Beginners Workshop September 2022. "A very constructive days painting in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, thoroughly recommend it" Stephen


Painting Flowers September 2022 I really enjoyed the workshop. Learn't something in the first 5 minutes! Denise's very approachable, enthusiastic and very constructive about how you can continue to work on something to produce a final piece and retrieve mistakes"  Gill

Painting Flowers September 2022 " Thank you Denise. I felt I learnt a lot. Your instruction was easy to follow and the day had a lovely atmosphere"  Judy

Painting a Rusty Car September 2022 " A most enjoyable day with excellent teaching and demonstrations, taking a painting through by stage by stage. Many Thanks Denise"  Caroline

Painting a Rusty Car September 2022 " Denise always has a wonderful workshop. I learn a lot every time!' June

Painting a Rusty Car September 2022 " Thank you Denise. I learned lots of new techniques from you as always" Joanna

Complete Beginners Workshop September 2022. "Very interesting learning all the techniques. Well presented, really enjoyed the day-thank you! Sian


Complete Beginners Workshop September 2022. "Thank you Denise, a most enjoyable day. Very informative, well taught and paced" Carrie

Complete Beginners Workshop September 2022. "Very interesting and loads of information and advice given. It's inspired my to go home and experiment with the techniques shown" Sarah

Complete Beginners Workshop September 2022. "Brilliant day with masses of info to absorb" Ann


Complete Beginners Workshop September 2022. "Very enjoyable and informative. I now have the confidence to practise the washes and other techniques" Judith


Painting summer blooms July 2022  "A lovely day. Lots of delightful people. Denise you always inspire and help everyone... even to be out of the comfort zone! The result wa a great selection of varied styles and choices of what to paint. Huge choice of flowers to paint. Thank you!" Liz 

Painting Spring Blooms workshop March 2022 " As an apprehensive novice I was full of trepidation- no need whatsoever. This workshop was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and have learned many skills and made new friends. Denise is a really patient and knowledgeable tutor. Thank you so much for a wonderful day, I have already signed up for my next workshop with Denise! Diane March 2022.

Painting Spring Blooms workshop March 2022 "Really enjoyable day. As a beginner I learnt new techniques and mixing colours- just need lots of practice now! thank you" VC March 2022

"Thank you so much for a wonderful painting colourful doors workshop. You gave amazingly detailed demonstrations with so much advice & inspiration. I came away with a much better understanding on how to create interesting & varied textures to put into the doors projects you prepared for us. You encouraged me to go larger for this workshop, it was brilliant to work on a much bigger areas for the washes. ‘Practice makes perfect’ they say, we certainly came away with a lot more ideas & skills we can work on." Janet 2022 Doors workshop

"I would like to say how much I enjoyed the day. It was perfectly paced and I learned a huge amount. I really liked the different projects and appreciated your advice on the one I chose (which I am working on more now!). Thank you for your generosity with ideas, notes etc and contribution of bits of paint and equipment. The group was a nice size, and I felt that we all got individual attention, as and when necessary. The demonstrations were also really helpful. The room is ideal - comfortable and well equipped for a day’s painting. 
I look forward to the next one, when there is one, and in the meantime will enjoy the rest of the Friday afternoon class. Thank you so much,Best wishes"



Spring Blooms workshop March 2022 " As an apprehensive novice I was full of trepidation- no need whatsoever. This workshop was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and have learned many skills and made new friends. Denise is a really patient and knowledgeable tutor. Thank you so much for a wonderful day, I have already signed up for my next workshop with Denise! Diane March 2022.

Colourful old doorways, wells maltings Feb 2022'A very enjoyable session, good to watch demos and attempt the tonal painting and try the techniques" Pat


Beginners workshop Jan 2022. "Great day, Denise! Thank you so much. It was good to cover so much. I might have appreciated more time to practice the different techniques but one can always do that at home!' Ruth


Beginners workshop Jan 2022. "Thank you very much Denise! that was lovely. I have learned a lot of techniques and really enjoyed the workshop!" Ulrike​​


Beginners workshop Jan 2022. "Wonderful workshop - I learnt so much that I wish I'd known sooner! No doubt will help me to elevate the quality of my work. Loved building up the Venice painting in stages - very good approach"


Beginners workshop Jan 2022. "I really enjoyed the day, thank you. A lot to take in but having a pack to take home helps to remember everything. Good to have something finished to take home"


Beginners workshop Jan 2022. "For someone who has only dabbled with watercolours in the past this has been a very interesting and informative course, leading to the use of very creative techniques. Thoroughly enjoyable with excellent instruction. All materials provided"


Beginners workshop Jan 2022. "Lovely day- I wanted it to go on for longer! Very informative and not intimidating at all. I was very nervous to start with but soon relaxed and really enjoyed the day! Lovely group too!


Sunset workshop 10th September 2021 "Thank you for a lovely day Denise. Super venue, perfect summer or winter I would think. Good light. I've learned lots which is always a bonus! I would love to join a course" Lynda


Sunset workshop 10th September 2021 "Such a wonderful day to be all together painting again! thank you for a very well- thought out and thoroughly interesting workshop. It was brilliant" Sally  


Sunset workshop 10th September 2021 "Brilliant workshop Denise, Many thanks for all your guidance on colour mixing washes and brush techniques. I thought this was going to be easy - wrong! However your help, patience and guidance was greatly appreciated and I was pleased with the final results". June '


Thank you so much for all the hard work that you put into the lovely couple of art days that we have just had, it was wonderful to be back at St Johns and particularly to be with everyone again.” Bea July 2021


Thank you for the workshops last week, and to let you know that they provided me with the "kick start" I needed to get painting again, to start new projects, and to try some new subjects." Cherry July 2021


This testimonial is from Jane Frances who participated in the complete beginners course and has subsequently done further workshops but I hope it gives you a good flavour of the workshops!  

Beginners workshop Oct 2020 "With no previous painting experience, I've now done two workshops and they were both wonderful. With a picture always in mind that you are aiming at, you learn about paper and paint, wet on wet, wet on dry, dry on dry, dry on wet, and about gradations from solid-looking to dreamy-looking that give close and distant, and also colours and colour mixing. Then there are other amazing things like masking, granulation use of a small sponge. You alternate between watching a demonstration, and trying it for yourself, so that your picture builds up in stages and you learn so much along the way. At the end of the workshop your blank sheet of paper has been transformed into an actual picture that looks like a proper picture, and everyone's final picture is different in such interesting ways. For me, each workshop really was a transformational experience.  

On the practical side, you get a list of stuff you need to bring if you can such as a dinner plate for mixing colours, and two jam jars for water, plus other more obscure stuff that you may be able to get at Tindalls or Hobbycraft, or online. But pre-workshop communication is excellent and Denise has it all sorted so that you can borrow or buy what you need on the day. When you arrive you find you have your own table with various things laid out ready to go, and I wonder if the calm, low-key structure throughout the day is in fact what backs you up when "going into the unknown" as in spreading surprisingly watery paint on very wet paper. 

Also on the practical side, for my second workshop last week, all the Covid19 safety arrangements were completely reassuring and I felt safe all day. 

Superb workshops in every way."

Testimonial from Jane Frances October 2020

"This course does exactly what it says on the tin. It is richly packed with a series of varied and fascinating challenges, each one carefully tutored and demonstrated by Denise. I have undertaken all ten classes and have enjoyed them enormously and I have also learned a lot. Hopefully I have improved a little over the course of the term, but in any case I have also learned where my weaknesses lie and have the tools and guidance to do better next time. Thank you so much Denise". Intermediate course -Creative Waterolours: Extending your Technique." Testimonial from Frances July 2020

"I had a great time discovering new techniques from the online course to use in my own watercolour paintings. I liked Denise’s step by step approach, being introduced to some unfamiliar materials and found her project themes inspiring. As well as a video lesson, Denise provides lots of supporting information including additional photos, cheat sheets and suggested colour mixing palettes. Denise is such a generous tutor who is happy to share the knowledge and experience she has with her students." Mandy. May 2020

"Thank you Denise for very stimulating lessons. The videos are clear, informative and engaging and they gave me the confidence to try new techniques and experiment with different materials. I loved being creative with the tracing paper and sticks, things I would have never tried before!" Katie. May 2020

"This was a wonderful first lesson, thank you Denise. Your videos are beautifully done, clear & precise. It was great to be able to rewind & rewatch sections as my painting progressed. It reminded me of the Daises Workshop I did with you last year. Thank you too to James for the delightful music, so calm & relaxing." Janet. May 2020

From Extending your Techniques "I really enjoyed doing this painting & learnt a lot regarding the benefits of upside down washes, perspective & the use of sequential layers of masking fluid. The limited colour palate also kept things uncomplicated & the result seemed very effective.  July 2020

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