Watercolour Tutorials for All Levels

Are you a beginner, improver or would like more challenging projects? I provide comprehensive courses and individual lessons to improve your painting. A variety of projects with video tutorials, downloadable photos, material lists and sketches so you can paint along with me.  

Creative watercolours for beginners and improvers

Extending your watercolour technique

Learn the fundamental techniques of pure watercolours. ​

  • Step by step projects leading to finished paintings.

  • Lesson 1.  How to set up your workstation.

  • ​Lesson 2.  Choosing your paper & how to stretch it 

  • Lesson 3.  Choosing brushes and paint

  • ​Lesson 4.  The 4 key painting methods explained

  • ​Lesson 5.  Transferring your image

  • ​Lesson 6.  Retaining the white of the paper

  • ​Lesson 7.  Painting a dandelion

  • ​Lesson 8.  Hard and soft edges painting a seagull

  • ​Lesson 9.  Tone and painting a view of Venice

  • ​Lesson 10. Additives & texture

  • Cost is £140 - use offer code LAUNCH20 for 20% introductory offer.

Painting a dandelion in watercolour Single lesson 

Course Content
Course Content

Suitable for painters who know the basics of watercolour.

Paintings inspired by my walks along the river and my love of flower painting. 

  • Lesson 1. Painting daisies

  • ​Lesson 2. Trees without brushes

  • Lesson 3.  Painting a tree at Granchester Meadows

  • ​Lesson 4.  Fields of rape seed

  • ​Lesson 5.  A walk along the riverbank

  • Lesson 6.  Painting a swan

  • ​Lesson 7.  Carpet of flowers in a woodland glade 

  • ​Lesson 8.  Boats on the open water  

  • Lesson 9.  Anemones in detail 

  • ​Lesson 10. Painting peeling paint and rust

Cost is £140 - use offer code LAUNCH20 for introductory offer.

Paint a dandelion with a beautiful pallet of vibrant and harmonious watercolours.  Paint a mass of delicate seed parachutes and create a three-dimensional, luminous flower head in a step by step lesson.


Learn how to:

  • Use making fluid

  • Mix harmonious colours,

  • Paint a loose wash

  • Paint detail wet-on-dry 


Learn at your own pace, in your own time from videos demonstrations. Photograph, materials list and feedback included. 

This is also part of Creative watercolours for beginners & improvers.

Anemones painting in detail 

This lesson shows you how to paint a detailed study of a small group of anemones, it includes comprehensive step by step videos and downloads.

  • Four videos to show demonstrations of the techniques and all the stages including:wet into wet, lifting, blending, moist/dry on and wet on dry. 

  • Materials list, photograph and sketch, all are downloadable.

Fabulous exceptionally High Standards as usual Denise. Thank you.  Especially loved the music hope to hear more!!!  Flora May 2020

'I had a great time discovering new techniques from the online course to use in my own watercolour paintings. I liked Denise’s step by step approach, being introduced to some unfamiliar materials and found her project themes inspiring. As well as a video lesson, Denise provides lots of supporting information including additional photos, cheat sheets and suggested colour mixing palettes. Denise is such a generous tutor who is happy to share the knowledge and experience she has with her students.' Mandy. May 2020

'Thank you Denise for very stimulating lessons. The videos are clear, informative and engaging and they gave me the confidence to try new techniques and experiment with different materials. I loved being creative with the tracing paper and sticks, things I would have never tried before!’ Katie. May 2020

'This was a wonderful first lesson, thank you Denise. Your videos are beautifully done, clear & precise. It was great to be able to rewind & rewatch sections as my painting progressed. It reminded me of the Daises Workshop I did with you last year. Thank you too to James for the delightful music, so calm & relaxing'. Janet. May 2020

Hi Denise. I really enjoyed the daisies and the video was clear and easy to follow. The music was a great addition and I liked being able to pause and then catch up with you. Looking forward to my next challenge. I think this is my most successful use of salt ever!

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