• All participants in the workshops will be expected to follow these guidelines​​

  • Anyone with symptoms must not attend the workshop and must notify me. You can attend a future course any time after the two week isolation period.  If you have to cancel at any time due to symptoms of covid 19 or being in contact with someone with covid 19 the course fee will be refunded.

  • All participants must wash their hands on arrival and at departure or use a hand sanitiser 

  • Numbers will be limited to 8 participants

  • The tables will be set out to ensure distancing

  • Please bring your own materials and do not share them with others

  • I will provide water for each table in a clean pot so you don't have to fetch water

  • Please bring your own face covering. All participants will be required to wear face masks during the demonstrations. You can choose wether or not to wear a face mask whilst at your desk.

  • I will wear a clear visor so I can be heard more clearly

  • All demonstrations will be done from my desk at the front with as much distancing as possible

  • Please follow the WHO guidelines for sneezing and coughing away from people, catch it, bin in, kill it.


  • I am sorry but I cannot provide any refreshments 

  • The kitchen will not be available for any students so please bring drinks and a snack but nothing that needs heating or refrigerating.  You are free to bring your own refreshments but please do not share them with others.

  • You are free to take a break in the open courtyard outside and you can have your lunch or snack at your individual desk or outside

  • Anyone experiencing any of the covid -19 symptoms listed on the NHS website within two weeks of the attending the course must notify me.

  • I will send a confirmation email to confirm the course is going ahead, and to check you aren’t experiencing any symptoms. The course could still be cancelled if I wake up unwell. It is therefore important that I have a working phone number for you.

  • I will postpone any of the day workshops if I have any symptoms. 

Covid 19 Guidelines


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